Dodge Charger IPOD, MP3, Aux with Isimple ISCH73 Installation by AutoToys in New York City 10125 NY

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Update DODGE Caravan and Dodge Caravan Usb Iphone – Dodge Charger IPOD, MP3, Aux with Isimple ISCH73 Installation by AutoToys at New York City 10168 NY.


Dodge and Chrysler Ipod Adapter with AUX
We show you an installation of an Isimple ISCH73 (buy from our web site at in a 2006 Dodge Charger. Before the customer came to us, he had already tried to purchase the same unit through another established online retailer. His first unit did not work, he then asked for a replacement from this other retailer. His Replacement unit also did not work. Only then did he seek our expert help.

Our unit worked the FIRST TIME, right off the bat – Because our stock is brand new, has the newest firmware, we have the right installation techniques (which we share with our customers) and most importantly, we do not take returns.

Other retailers take product returns from customers, and then they repack it and then resell that same unit to you at full price. With units that initialize, this is a problem and also because they have outdated stock. Other retailers also do not have adequate product descriptions and applications, so their customers try to install devices in cars which are not compatible…then those units get returned to them and then resold to other people (damaged).

Remember, people who take product returns on devices like these — they do not throw their returns in the garbage or they write it off as a loss, it gets resold to you.

BUY FROM US, AVOID ALL OF THESE PROBLEMS, get TECH help, FAST shipping, UNCUT video for this install.

All Ipod compatible Mp3 auxiliary adapters here

SEE Our DODGE CHARGE Remote Start Installation here:
Notes on Extended Video access:
Any uncut extended video access is only for our customers. Customers who buy the –‘*entire* *same* product selection setup’– as shown in video may apply for access after purchase.

Dodge Caravan Usb Iphone, 2017 DODGE Caravan Neversink 12765 NY

Dodge Charger IPOD, MP3, Aux with Isimple ISCH73 Installation by AutoToys, Latest DODGE Challenger Local Dodge Caravan Usb Iphone, Meriden 82081 WY.


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