Dodge Caravan RV conversion #1 For Minden 75680 TX

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Latest DODGE Caravan & Dodge Caravan Conversion – Dodge Caravan RV conversion #1 For Minden 75680 TX.


Here is a little video demonstrate one of my last work in progress project. This is about converting a Dodge Caravan 2008 in little camper , a bit like a WestFalia. The project is not finish , a lot of work must be done and it’s the part of a bigger project : Family road-trip during 5 months around the north of America ( Canada , USA , Mexico and Guatemala.)

if you like this video and you want to help me and my family in this project, you can make a donation on my website ( link above ). thank a lot for your support !

Dodge Caravan Conversion, 2016 DODGE Caravan Minden 75680 TX

Dodge Caravan RV conversion #1, New DODGE Challenger & Dodge Caravan Conversion, Minden 75680 TX.


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