2002 dodge caravan crank no start asd relay clicking Local New Orleans 70123 LA

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New DODGE Caravan 2017 Dodge Caravan Not Starting – 2002 dodge caravan crank no start asd relay clicking Local Mansfield 30055 GA.


02 dodge caravan with a 3.3 that is a crank no start,no codes, while cranking asd relay clicks on and off very fast scanner shows crank and cam yes then no intermittently, scoped out cam and crank and they are erratic, however if the cam sensor is disconnected the asd relay doesn’t click and the crank signal is good, and if the crank is disconnected the cam signal is good. after checking a bunch of things and rechecking the codes, the 1 trip fail codes set tps, iat, iac and ac psi high… which would indicate a bad senor ground (iether bad grounds at the pcm, sensor ground wired from senors to pcm , or bad pcm..) so I back probed the senor ground at the pcm and it was .24 volts koeo which is high, then while cranking the reading went to B+ ??? this cant be on a sensor ground? then I knew there was a wiring problem and started tugging on the harness while watching the ground voltage and it went up to over 6 volts koeo at the place that you see in the video. I have see this spot go bad on many vehicles of this vintage with EGR but this is the first time I have seen this harness melt on a non EGR vehicle

Dodge Caravan Not Starting, 2017 DODGE Caravan Morganville 7751 NJ

2002 dodge caravan crank no start asd relay clicking, New DODGE Challenger With Dodge Caravan Not Starting, Middletown 47356 IN.


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