How To Install the AMI Billet Fuel Door July 2018 Area Near 20057 Washington DC

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Latest Dodge RAM – How To Install the AMI Billet Fuel Door – 20057 Washington DC July 2018.


Machined from solid 6061-T6 aircraft billet aluminum this AMI Billet Fuel Door is a must have for any vehicle. Available at MOST VEHICLES are a NO DRILL installation. Choose from Chrome, Black Ring & Door, Black Ring and Chrome Door, Black Ring and Chrome Door Locking, Black Ring and Door Locking, Brushed Locking, Polished, Polished and Locking, Brushed Chrome and Brushed Chrome Locking. Get yours Today!


Video Transcription

Hey guys. Today we’re going to be installing the AMI replacement billet fuel door.

What we have here is the fuel door, the adapter for it, the magnetic latch, some hard parts. We need a quarter-inch drill bit, Phillips screwdriver, and an Allen key.

Your stock fuel door is installed with these two rivets right here. So what we need to do first is drill those out so we can get our new fuel door on.

Okay. So now that we’ve finished drilling out those rivets for the fuel door, we can go ahead and remove that. When removing the old fuel door, if you need to, you may need to remove this liner right on the inside.

Our next step is to take out these two rubber grommets here. Just twitch those guys right on out.

Next we just want to remove the screws, nuts, and washers from this adapter and just set them aside for right now.

The next step is to install our adapter, which is going to mount right where we removed those two rubber grommets. Now that we have our adapter on, I didn’t fully tighten it down just yet, because what we want to do first is check to make sure that our holes are lined up and centered. Put this guy on here and center up our ring, and the holes, which ours are not
completely lined up, we can then go and adjust this guy real quick, right where we need it to go.

After we’ve installed our adapter, what we will want to do is install our latch assembly to the fuel door. All we’re going to do is screw this latch right here, those two bolts.

After we’ve installed our latch assembly, we will come over here and install our fuel door. We’ll just use these two bolts. They’ll run them through the old rivet holes that we had drilled out. Place that on there like that, and then we will put the washer and bolts on the back side.

Once we’ve installed the bolts on the back side there, we will install the bolts here on the front. All right, and that completes our installation of the AMI billet fuel door.

How To Install the AMI Billet Fuel Door July 2018

July 2018 How To Install the AMI Billet Fuel Door Area Near 20057 Washington DC.


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