Dodge Stratus Key Fob Programming – Washington 20043 DC

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Dodge Stratus Key Fob Programming at Washington 20043 DC.


Dodge Stratus Key Fob Programming Video tutorial on how to program or add a new remote to your Dodge. This particular Dodge product I am working with is a 2003 Dodge Dakota, but this procedure does apply to other Dodge models, as well as Chrysler, Plymouth, and Jeep models. In order to add or program a keyless remote, you must have a working existing one. Up to four keyless remotes can be programmed to one vehicle. When adding or programming remotes, you must add all the extra remotes within 30 seconds during the programming sequence.

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Tools/Supplies Needed:
-working keyless remote
-new keyless remote

-to program a remote, turn the ignition switch to the ON position but not with the engine running
-press and hold the unlock button on a currently working remote for 4 to 10 seconds
-while pressing the unlock button, press and release the panic button
-release the unlock button which should be followed by a chime
-this will indicate that the module is in programming mode
-within 30 seconds, press and release the lock or unlock button on the new remote at the same time
-then do this same step for any other remotes you wish to add to the system
-successful programming will be indicated by a single chime

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Dodge Stratus Key Fob Programming

DIY: Programming a Dodge Keyless Remote, Dodge Stratus Key Fob Programming – Washington 20043 DC.


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