Dodge Stratus Jacking Points at Nortonville 42442 KY

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Dodge Stratus Jacking Points in Okreek 57563 SD.


Dodge Stratus Jacking Points **Note, I forgot to mention about setting the parking brake or leaving the vehicle in gear when lifting. Chalking the wheels is also a good idea. This slipped my mind during production but keep in mind I have a level floor and I don’t often concern myself with this part of the procedure. I just wish I had put it into the video for those that don’t have solid level floors like I do. Once again the take away is to be smart and careful when you’re lifting a vehicle. If not, you could be seriously injured or killed.

I’ve been asked about doing this video about How To Safely Lift Your Vehicle for some time. In this video I cover the basics of jack, and jack stand placement for working on your vehicle. I can’t stress enough how important it is to take this seriously and do this properly. Failure to do so can result in damage to your vehicle, or worse, damage to you. That said, with a bit of common sense and effort you can safely lift your vehicle for access to it’s undercarriage.

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Dodge Stratus Jacking Points

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