Dodge Stratus Gas Cap at Washington 20277 DC

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Dodge Stratus Gas Cap in Washington 20277 DC.


Dodge Stratus Gas Cap Greetings Viewers!!! Recently I had the P0457 code set on my minivan, and I thought I’d go over some quick things you can check with your gas cap.
Gas caps are a common cause of this and other such codes like P0442, P0455, P0456, and/or any manufacturer specific codes for the EVAP system. On Chryslers you can get a gascap message where your odometer is, in addition to the check engine light. Not always does the odometer turn into gascap or set off a check engine light or both (I started with gascap only, then gascap and CEL, then CEL only).
Despite the video being optimized for Chryslers and with a Chrysler specific part number for the gas cap, This video can also be used to help you fix this issue on many other vehicles. Please always use the OEM gas cap from your dealer, DON’T RELY ON KNOCK OFF BRANDS FOR LONG!
One more thing: if the tips and tricks mentioned in this video don’t help, then your only other option is to take it in to a repair shop to have the evap system smoke checked for leaks; at that point you’ll probably have bigger problems than a gas cap…

List of applications for the mentioned part number in the video:

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Dodge Stratus Gas Cap

How-to: Check your gas cap if you have an EVAP code set on your vehicle., Dodge Stratus Gas Cap at Washington 20277 DC.


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