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Discover About DODGE Caliber and Dodge Caliber Tires – 2008 Dodge Caliber Tire Rotation Near Waskom 75692 TX.


Dodge Caliber Tires This is a general explanation (in depth video coming soon) on rotating your tires. It’s not a very difficult or hard to understand topic. It’s as simple as rotating your tires when the ride quality starts to deteriorate and making sure that you get to them before the threads start to show. Essentially what I’m saying here (which may be hard to understand between allergies and poor sound quality) is that in this particular situation you can swap the fronts with your rears. Rear tires on fwd cars last an EXTREMELY long time. They almost do nothing other than hold up the rear end and assist in stopping the vehicle. The best way to rotate tires is to use the fronts up. Have them remounted. Then when it’s time to replace the completely worn fronts swap the rears in place of the fronts and put the 2 new replacements on the rear. This way you’re sure to follow the golden rule when using consumables (tires are consumable for cars anyway) which FIFO aka “First In First Out”. The reason for doing this is to prevent dry rotting on the rears and always have a fresh healthy set of tires and this also prevents getting stuck from a tire that looks good but is as good as a dry eraser. I recommend always purchasing new tires. Used tires are okay if you haven’t got the money for new ones but should be used with caution. Lastly if you have suspension, alignment, or brake issues that are causing premature wear. BUY USED!! There’s no reason to buy new tires until you fix the issue. The shop won’t tell you that. Anyway hope you guys enjoyed the video. Feel free to browse my other videos. More in depth “How To” videos are coming soon.

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