Dodge Caliber Key Trick in San Antonio 78219 TX USA

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Discover About DODGE Caliber & Dodge Caliber Key Trick – Engine Light? DODGE KEY TRICK Code Reader – How-To #2 Near Lane City 77453 TX.


Dodge Caliber Key Trick WORKS ON MOST DODGE VEHICLES FROM 2000-2010 (not sure if it extends to other Chrysler cars)

To check for engine trouble codes with just your key: (will read POWERTRAIN codes only)

1) Turn key to on (not Start) and back to ACC.
2) Do this three times (FAST).
3) On the third turn, stop in the on position.

Dash will give any error code or codes EXAMPLE: P1512

When it is finished reading it will say DONE (if you have no codes then DONE is the only thing that will come up).

Research/Google your code and see what problem you have.

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Dodge Caliber Key Trick, 2017 DODGE Caliber Crowley 76036 TX

Engine Light? DODGE KEY TRICK Code Reader – How-To #2, Dodge Caliber Key Trick Near, Rowena 76875 TX.


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