Dodge Viper Srt10 in Anderson Speedway, Anderson, Indiana

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Dodge Viper Srt10 in, Anderson Speedway, Anderson, Indiana.


Dodge Viper Srt10 Today Steve throws us the keys to his modified Dodge Viper SRT-10 that’s just about ready to hit the Area 27 track near Osoyoos, BC. The car put down 568 WHP on the dyno and trust me when I say it makes for a VERY fast street car, especially out in the twisties where it can really stretch its legs. Enjoy! Lookout for more features on big power cars like this in the future!

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Dodge Viper Srt10, Anderson Speedway, Anderson, Indiana

568 WHP Dodge Viper SRT-10 | From the Ground Up, Dodge Viper Srt10 Near, Anderson Speedway, Anderson, Indiana.

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