Dodge Viper Motorcycle in Little Egypt Kart Raceway Park, Lyndon, Vermont

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Dodge Viper Motorcycle in, Grundy County Speedway, Morris, Illinois.


Dodge Viper Motorcycle For full sound and great riding shots,
Please watch –

This is a video of the Millyard Dodge viper engined motorcycle created by Allen Millyard. All parts were hand made in Allen’s garage, the bike is fully road legal and passed 2009 construction and use regulations to gain a MSVA certificate and a 09 plate.

We are making a new Video with a decent live sound track on location at the Isle of Man TT races 2012.

Dodge Viper Motorcycle, Spencer Speedway, Williamson, New York

Millyard Viper 8 litre V10, Dodge Viper Motorcycle Near, Shangri-La Speedway, Owego, New York.

Discover About DODGE Viper or Dodge Viper Motorcycle – Millyard Viper 8 litre V10 Around South Sound Speedway, Rochester, Washington.


New Dodge Viper Motorcycle at Greenville-Pickens Speedway, Greenville, South Carolina, Latest Relevant Articles For Dodge Viper Differential or Dodge Viper Motorcycle, Please Visit Again Blog.

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