Dodge Viper Engine at Gresham Motorsports Park, Georgia

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Dodge Viper Engine at, Maryland International Raceway, Budds Creek, Maryland.


Dodge Viper Engine

This is video blog three of the Viper powered Maverick build up. Today I was able to pull the engine and transmission out of the car so the next phase of modifications could be made.
First, because the engine is mounted so low in the vehicle to fit under the stock hood…the oil pan is going to need fairly serious modification to give a practical amount of ground clearance.
Next, I wanted to turn the engine upside down to dump the dog food that a rat had stashed in the intake manifold galley and get ready for the cam swap which will be in an upcoming video.
Thanks for watching and I’ll keep the videos coming as often as I get a chance to work on the car!

Dodge Viper Engine, National Trail Raceway, Hebron, Ohio

Dodge Viper V10 in a Ford Maverick Build Video 3 – Engine Removal / Oil Pan Issues, Dodge Viper Engine at, Stateline Speedway, Post Falls, Idaho.

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