My 2006 Dodge Charge R/T gets a NEW Eibach Pro System suspension Around Zip 80722 Atwood CO

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Latest Dodge Charger – My 2006 Dodge Charge R/T gets a NEW Eibach Pro System suspension – 74821 Ada OK.


Hey folks…most of you may or may not know that I’m a big gearhead…and even though I don’t really do auto work (personally), I still love hot rods, and this 2006 Dodge Charge R/T is the closest hot rod I’m likely to own. My car, Black Beauty (or BB for short), is a used rodder I bought last year for well under book value, at 59,000 miles. Thankfully, I got an extended aftermarket warranty, and let me tell you, it’s paid for itself 3 TIMES OVER, covering a new A/C compressor (twice), a new gas tank and fuel overflow top-off sensor, and some front-end suspension parts that seemed way over-worn out. So it’s a love-hate relationship, but when it comes to driven, it’s AWESOME to have a car with a LOT of power.

So far, this car is fairly original, other than some cosmetic stuff added to the engine compartment for showing off the car done by the previous owner. But the only thing I’ve added is a K&N air filter, which really helped BB take off the line better! I found out 3 months ago that the struts are basically so shot that they were causing the upper ball joints to wear out faster (yep, those need replacing soon too).

So, I called the local Dodge dealership…they basically poked me in the eyes saying it’ll cost $700 to JUST replace the front struts. Then I started looking around for a lowering kit, one that wouldn’t lower it much, but that would stiffen up the suspension…because while BB runs fast in a straight line, she sways around like any other sedan on a hard turn.

Turns out I got a lot of good recommendations for the Eibach Pro System, which is a complete struts/shocks and springs kit. AND, the one place in the DFW area that does great mods for Dodges was Bevin Automotive, in North Richland Hills TX. So this video is my journal of how they did the job.

And they did it FAST! I typically go to a dealership (or any shop), drop the car off, wait all day, then get the car at the end of the day. Nope, these guys did the job in 1 friggin’ hour! Man, Bevin Auto can’t get enough props from me, they are a long drive to get to, but they don’t mess around.

So, enjoy this video. And just to confirm…this car REEEAAALLLY handles nicely now, takes corners like a real muscle car. Bumps are harsh, but meh, that’s expected.

My 2006 Dodge Charge R/T gets a NEW Eibach Pro System suspension 2018


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