Concept Dodge Charger and Daytona at 57716 Batesland SD

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Latest Dodge Charger – Concept Dodge Charger and Daytona – 57716 Batesland SD.


I bare no hatred towards the current Charger, I’ve got tons of respect for it. With that in mind I just wanted to have some fun and do my own version based off the old cars and give it a modern spin like what was done with the Challenger. This is all done for fun, I’m not out to start flame wars or anything. Opinions and criticism are most welcome.

With that said this is my concept of at Charger and Daytona it’s largely based off of the 69 & 70 with optional grills for both years. It’s been designed in a way to support being put on the current Challenger chassis the dimensions of it are almost the same it’s just a little longer in the front and back. The interior for the moment is almost the same as the current Charger. Some things are still subject to change like the backup lights being in the tail lights I might put them in the body.

This is a fully modeled car with interior engine bay and trunk, I started designing it last year about this time on my laptop (pc had just died). The base design was done in about 5 days modeling the interior, motor and other details took a little longer and I spent the rest of the time tinkering with the body shape.

The music is from the site danosongs(dot)com

First track is I feel You

Second track is Black box in the Ground

Credit for the music goes of him.

Anyway this is my concept for the new Charger and Daytona, opinions and criticism welcome, just keep it constructive. : )

Concept Dodge Charger and Daytona 2017 2018


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