2015 Dodge Charger SRT Problems (Under warranty) Near 62413 Annapolis IL

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Latest Dodge Charger – 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Problems (Under warranty) – 62413 Annapolis IL.


You can skip to 7:36 to get into the details of the electrical issues
**Update 5/1/17**

Check out this Jeep lemon and how they screwed someone else.

…Dodge seems to be screwing with me more. They were supposed to give me an offer (I spoke with them last Monday) and still have not followed through with any communications. Looks like i’m being forced into a corner with this. wow… Just unbelievable; If I can convince 100 people not to buy a Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep product after seeing this video it will end up costing them more than doing the right thing ever would have.

Still waiting on my front bumper to be replaced; also waiting on the hood to be replaced due to galvanic corrosion.

-Yes, wish I could get something done with the Lemon law but they are literally making this process so difficult that it is cost prohibitive. I have talked with several lawyers and most of them want to stay away from lemon cases… I guess there isn’t enough money in it for them? I’m told I have a good case, I just need a lawyer that is willing to work on it.

**Update 2/17/17**
So… Dodge is offering me another alternative. They offered to refund my Mopar Maxcare 85K plan and replace it with a bumper-bumper 85K factory warranty on the car, (which also has the 100k power train warranty since it’s a 15′) insure all the paint properly matches…Unfortunately it looks like they are screwing with me on this as well… MY car still is not repainted, issues persist and they are just dragging things out . Death by a thousand papercuts, eh?

My other alternative is fighting on the 5K and against the dealer, or hiring a lawyer.

** UPDATE 1/12/17 ** Read the full description for a fun read!

So… Dodge approved a $5,000 incentive on a new car with the understanding that the local dealer involved in this mess would buy back my car. Unfortunately the local dealer’s (the one that damaged my bumper by accident) sales department are of the impression that I am an easy mark and do not deserve an honest transaction based on all the problems I have been dealing with and offered me $15k below the value of the car “due to the issues and difficulty in reselling the car” -A car which should never be resold… It should go to FCA for detailed analysis and then be scrapped!

Instead they offer me a fake in centive and undervalue my car (below KBB fair condition market value for a trade in) and then try get me into a….2016 for $56,900 (that has been on the lot since last May!) from another dealer. Suffice to say the transaction would put me $18,000 in the hole (after the $5, 000) because I bought a defective car. After I checked myself on the car they were offering me I found that the place that was selling it was actually offering it for $51,000 (before any negotiations) so it is apparent the dealership sales team just wants to screw me. GO Dodge!

My car has been in the shop for 30+ days and has had issues for the past several months. Dodge still does not know what is wrong with the electrical system. Here is just a partial list of what has been done since the car has been in the shop since November: Alternator, PCM, Harness replacement, Connector replacement, ground checks, PDM module check, PCM pinout check, wiring check, and load checks. The car is unsafe to drive and should not be allowed back on the road. It needs to to to the Dodge engineering team so they can tear the car apart and find the root cause of all these issues

In addition the car needs the bumper replaced (dealership damage) driver’s door repainted (factory defect they are repairing) and a hood replacement due to galvanic corrosion on the latch (factory defect).

I would like to give a shoutout to SRTMUSH & RP Productions. and the local Performance Dodge service team for trying to make it right.

Thank you for watching.

Here is a video of a Jeep SRT doing the same thing

And here is a link to the forum topic discussing this very issue.

2015 Dodge Charger SRT Problems (Under warranty) 2017 2018


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