2013 Dodge Charger MPG’s (5.7 Hemi) Around Zip 22206 Arlington VA

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Latest Dodge Charger – 2013 Dodge Charger MPG’s (5.7 Hemi) – 89001 Alamo NV.


Been really watching my MPGs lately, since I usually don’t pay attention to that. A lot of people ask me what kind of mileage im getting out of it (Probably the most asked question on my videos of the car)

Its a 2013 Dodge Charger R/T (5.7 Hemi) 8000 miles

This was reset about 50~ miles prior to the video, so this is a little higher than my overall average, but even after a lot of city driving, im still around 24.9- 25.5 AVG MPG’s.

Like I said in the video, my 04 Crown Vic (18-19gal tank), I’d be lucky to get 300 miles out of a tank, and I can get 400 out of this 18 gallon tank no problem.

Its just really hard to keep my foot off the gas pedal, that’s what killing the MPGs 😀

2013 Dodge Charger MPG's (5.7 Hemi) 2017 2018


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