Retrofitting OEM type HID’s into a Dodge Challenger. in Malvern 72104 AR

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Latest DODGE Challenger or Dodge Challenger Xenon Headlights – Retrofitting OEM type HID’s into a Dodge Challenger. Local Lingo 88123 NM.


My friend Tim’s car came with every option except the factory Bi-Xenon HID’s. Lots of folks would run out and slap a cheap HID conversion kit into the Halogen reflectors. That is both illegal and does a piss poor job at light output.

I put together a shopping list of parts to retrofit the car over to actual Bi-Xenon’s. We went with a pair of OEM type Bi-Xenon Headlight Capsules that have the movable cutoff shields inside. We probably should have picked up OEM Ballasts but instead went with a D1s HID Kit that works the same, I just had to mount the ballasts inside the headlight capsules.

I fabbed up a custom wiring harness that plugs into the OEM Headlight Wiring for High Beam and Low Beam “Signal” the wiring runs into a 60 amp relay to turn the relay on. The HID ballast wire directly to to the car’s battery through a 30amp inline fuse.

There are Shotky Diodes across the High Beam / Low Beam wire that allow the Low Beam signal to turn on the HID ballasts and allow the High Beam signal to trigger the Bi-Xenon Shutters for High Beam operation and also for Flash To Pass operation.

All of the harness work was done with heavy gauge wiring, all soldered connections with Weather-Pak connectors and also all of the wiring was finished up with Tech Flex and Heat Shrink. Completely 100% reversible and 100% plug and play.

I did have the Shotky Diode’s in backwards at the end of the first part of the video and I corrected that before we quit for the night and you can see the corrected wiring towards the end.

All in all it was the right way to do it, but also the difficult way to do it. I think the total cost for this was around $550.00 for the Head Light Capsules, HID Ballasts and Bulbs and all of the ancillary wiring items.

Retrofitting OEM type HID's into a Dodge Challenger. 2017 2018

Retrofitting OEM type HID’s into a Dodge Challenger., Update DODGE Challenger 2017 Dodge Challenger Xenon Headlights.


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