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Latest DODGE Challenger 2017 Dodge Challenger Oil Cap – Dodge Challenger Shaker hood service From Loretto 55596 MN.


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Dodge has returned the “Shaker” hood back to the 2015 Challenger. Its an awesome salute to the muscle car era thats starting to show back up again. The shaker portion will need to be removed on a regular basis during every oil change as well as any work on the engine. The vehicle somes with a special “Shaker” logo nut driver when new….unless someone claimed it as their own. If you dont have one….have no fear, a 10mm socket or nut driver will work fine and if you close your eyes…you would never know the logo isnt on it. The upper portion of the shaker that everyone sees and drolls over, is held in place with 4x 10mm nuts in each corner along the rubber seal. They are chrome and have the blue mopar logo on them. One you have the 4 nuts off… just need to lift straight up on the shaker inlet/dome. With it off and placed somewhere safe so that it doesnt get damaged and become wall art….you now have access to the oil filler cap access. You just need to twist the access cover on the drivers side and directly under that opening will be the oil filler cap. Now if you need to go further and work more on the engine….you need to remove the 5x 10mm bolts and washers holding the lower portion of the shaker off the engine. There is also the air inlet/outlet leading to the air filter housing that has a 8mm band clamp. Loosen up the clamp and wiggle the boot off the lower portion of the shaker. Once off, all thats left is the metal plate/bracket that it attached to. You now have access to the engine and related items. Just remember to pay respect to its history from days gone by when your working on it.

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Dodge Challenger Shaker hood service 2017 2018

Dodge Challenger Shaker hood service, News about DODGE Challenger or Dodge Challenger Oil Cap.


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