2014 Challenger R/T Flowmaster Super 10 custom Dual 5′ Tips by Kinney’s Local Marietta 13110 NY

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News about DODGE Challenger 2017 Dodge Challenger Exhaust Tips – 2014 Challenger R/T Flowmaster Super 10 custom Dual 5′ Tips by Kinney’s From Lazbuddie 79053 TX.


Our customer Joe who drove more than a dozen hours for our unique exhaust work gave us a real Challenge. A challenge admittedly we were reluctant to take on until we started to process of fabrication. Joe wanted something completely different than anything we had done on a Challenger to date. He wanted a Kinney’s custom dual with Flowmaster Super 10 series mufflers which was not too unusual, however his request for dual 5 inch tips was. We had considerable doubt that the dual 5 inch tips would even fit the rear exit point even with a healthy trim out of the valance panel. We were pleasantly surprised to find that with another few alterations and careful tip construction that it would just might work. Well, work it did and Joe had a hit! We were excited to see the finished results of his dream come true! Not only have we not heard a Challenger sound this way but have never seen anything quiet this unique on one either. One word “BOLD” We have to give Joe From Alabama all the credit for a great imagination and for taking a chance on us to bring his vision to reality. Kinney’s muffler shop is proud to have such a outstanding and quickly growing reputation both locally and nationwide. It’s great customers like Joe that make our job the best job anywhere! All of our unique custom systems can be seen and heard at www.kinneysmufflershop.com and you can find your vehicle there on file to see and hear before you purchase it. No other exhaust center in America offers all of the sales tools to our customers that we do. No other exhaust center in the nation carries the selection of custom built and powder coated tips than Kinney’s does. Lastly sales and service are second to none at Kinney’s! Kinney’s does not build our systems to ship or make available online. Our custom systems require your vehicle in house so call today to make your vision come true! Be sure to like us on facebook !!! You will be glad you did! Thanks again Joe!

2014 Challenger R/T Flowmaster Super 10 custom Dual 5' Tips by Kinney's 2017 2018

2014 Challenger R/T Flowmaster Super 10 custom Dual 5′ Tips by Kinney’s, Update DODGE Challenger and Dodge Challenger Exhaust Tips.


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